Accounting and Bookkeeping

Our bookkeeping services are focused around achieving a streamlined financial structure which we believe is key to any business growth. Partner with the leading name in accounting and consultancy today.We offer a modern and professional approach to traditional bookkeeping practices and other financial reports. With our expert bookkeeping services, you can be assured of accurate reports and financial statements that we will prepare using modern techniques and technology.

We are a recognised and registered accounting services provider catering to businesses. We offer a comprehensive range of outsourced financial solutions that are aimed at helping businesses improve their cashflow and raise their bottom line. We have a team of certified accountants, consultants, and payroll specialists who can develop a more effective system for managing and monitoring the financial health of your business.

Our Range of Specialized Services Include-

  • Accurate and complete bookkeeping services
  • Management of accounts payables and receivables
  • Development of year-end reports for auditing
  • Development of monthly income reports and statements
  • Inventory database development and management
  • Accounts receivables and payables reconciliations
  • Budget monitoring, managing, and reporting
  • Regular client invoicing
  • Monitoring, budgeting, and management of petty cash accounts


  • Sales Invoice Less Than 10 
  • Purchase Entries Less Than 10
  • Expense Entries Less Than 15
  • Employees Less Than 9 
  • Frequency Twice in Month
  • MIS 1000
  • Account Manager 500


  • Sales Invoice Less Than 25
  • Purchase Entries Less than 25
  • Expense Entries Less Than 50
  • Employees Less than 19
  • Frequency Thrice in Month
  • MIS 1700
  • Account Manager 1000


  • Sales Invoice More Than 25
  • Purchase Entries More than 25
  • Expense Entries More Than 50
  • Employees More than 19
  • Frequency Once in Week
  • MIS 2500
  • Account Manager 1500
  • Online CFO  5000 per month

Easily Manage your Bookkeeping

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